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How to Create Company in Tally Accounting software

Tally Accounting software is the ERP Solution. in this Lecture you will learn how to create company in Tally Accounting software.

for company creation in tally , it is necessary that you must have installed Tally accounting software  on your system.

as you double click on the installed software.

a Menu will be open for Key and serial Number.

then provide same key and the figure used in key should be put in the serial number.

How to Create Company in Tally Accounting software

email address is not necessary. for example Key is  121, the serial Number should be the same 121.A “Company info” option will be open, here in this option click on create company.

you will see a new Menu will open.

in this new Menu fill all the option, as you can also watch  in the video.

After this click   on “escape” button of your computer keyboard. you must be learnt that Tally software is totally operated by keyboard.

when  the company creation process completed, you will see a dashboard with a right Menu.

Tally accounting  software is based on UK Accounting system.Because All its report like financial statements is in T form.the most advantage of this software is ,

it  provide Ratio analysis an important tool that define organization financial position.this software is best applicable for small and medium level companies.

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