Friday , May 25 2018

Manufacturing Process of Accounting In Quick books

Manufacturing company Process of accouting in Quick Books

Manufacturing Process of Accounting In Quick books Accounting process for  manufacturing company in Quick books Create New company, in Select Industry click on Manufacturing option. further fill all the option as in distribution company. for Inventory items go to the list Menu on the top of dashboard and click on ...

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Sales and Purchase Process in Quick Books

sales and purchase Accounts in quick books

sales purchase process in quickbooks How to Make Purchase in Quick books For the Purchase Process in Quick Books Go to the  Vendor Menu ,click on New Transaction option, click on  create Purchase Order. select  the supplier, Items,Quantities. after purchase order creation.   in the same Menu and click on Receive ...

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Quick Book customer Supplier Inventory Items creation

How to Create Customer Vendor and Inventory items in Quick Books

How to create customer,Supplier,Items in Quick book   How to create Customer  in Quick Books Accounting software . in the Top Upper Menu click on New Customer and Job , provide all information as i provided in the video.   How to create new vendors in Quick books  click on vendors ...

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Petty Cash Petty Expenses in Tally software

petty cash petty expenses in tally

Petty cash petty Expenses is very important Part of Financial Accounting. all those expense which are paying on cash base is called petty expenses, petty means small.For Petty Cash and Petty Expenses Click on “Accounting Info”, “ledger” In the Accounts Name Write  Cash A/c like “Cash On Hand” In Under ...

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Manufacturing Company Process In Tally Accounting

Manufacturing process of accounting in Tally

Accounts of  Manufacturing company in Tally Accounting software: For Manufacturing company 1st we will create new company . Go to  company Info and click on create new company.write your company Name put the “statuary appliance” as none. Write inventory with Accounts in maintain .never change Financial Year in Trial version. Base ...

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create payroll and pay salary to employees in Tally

Process of Payroll in Tally Accounting software

in this lecture you will learn how to create employees  and Payroll (Pay salary to employees ). this lecture is very important and has been defined step by step. Select your company from “Company Info” and “select company” . when you want to go back to your dashboard  strike your ...

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How to Make Receipts and Payments in Tally

payments an receipts in tally accounting software

In this lecture you will learn how to create receipts and payments in Tally Accounting software. to check All the All the receivable and Payable  go to  “Reports‘ then click on Display > statements of Accounts then click on outstanding here you will see both receivable and payable . As ...

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How to Create sales order and sales invoice in Tally

Invoice and Sales order in Tally Accounting software

How to Make sales order and sales invoice in Tally Accounting software . click on Inventory Voucher and select sales Order from the side bar then select your customer in Party A/c ‘s Name. like raheem customer A/c. it is necessary that all the customer and inventory items must be ...

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Purchase order and Receive Inventory In Tally

Purchase order and purchase receive inventory in Tally

Purchase order in Tally Accounting software This process includes the purchasing  of items in tally Accounting software. it is necessary that you must have supplier Account , purchase Account and Inventory items before purchase order creation. because purchase order and receiving of items from supplier  is a purchase transaction of accounts ...

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