Friday , May 25 2018

Create Supplier Account and Inventory Items in Tally

inventory items and supplier in Tally

How to create Supplier Account in Tally: In this Lecture, we are going to create Supplier (Vendors) , Purchase Account and Inventory Items. For Supplier Account Go to Accounts Info and click on Ledger, then create supplier Account. for example Lux and co supplier Account, in the Under option, select Sundry ...

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create Capital-Bank and Customer Accounts in Tally

Create bank capital customer in tally

To create Capital Bank  Customer  and sales Accounts in Tally follow the follow the following steps and also watch the video. Click on “Accounts Info“. in Peachtree Accounting software we are using “Maintain” instead of Accounts Info. then click on “Ledger” then click on create.1st we will create Bank Account. so ...

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How to Create Company in Tally Accounting software

How to Create Company in Tally Accounting software

Tally Accounting software is the ERP Solution. in this Lecture you will learn how to create company in Tally Accounting software. for company creation in tally , it is necessary that you must have installed Tally accounting software  on your system. as you double click on the installed software. a ...

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Peachtree for Construction company

peachtree for construction company

Peachtree for Construction company. 1st we will create New company in  Peachtree Accounting software. go to file Menu and click on new company. choose Peachtree Product. Select Peachtree Premium for construction. All other steps must  fill similarly to distribution company. construction company Items Creation go to the Maintain Menu and ...

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Peachtree Accounting for Manufacturing company

Accounting for Manufacturing in peachtree

here you will learn how to create manufacturing process of accounts in Peachtree Accounting software. 1st we will create new company in peachtree. for this purpose go to the file menu and click on “New company” . in a “choose a peachtree Product” select “Peachtree premium Accounting for manufacturing”. All ...

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Bank Reconciliation and Budget in Peachtree

bank reconciliation in peachtree

How to create Bank Reconciliation in Peachtree Accounting software. every company Making bank reconciliation at the end of each month or in start of next month. the process of Bank reconciliation in Peachtree we will define its objective. at the start of each month bank will provide a statement of ...

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Petty cash and expenses in Peachtree Accounting

petty cash in peachtree

Petty cash and expenses in Peachtree Accounting For Petty Cash and petty expenses there must be different petty expense Accounts and at least one  petty cash Account. before creating petty expense and petty cash account. we will define these Petty expenses includes all those small expenses which are paying on ...

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Payroll formula for Allowances in peachtree

Allowances to employees

Payroll formula for allownces In the last Lecture  Number 11,we have created payroll formula for income tax and payroll entry. In this lecture we will create Payroll formula for Allowances . 1st of all we will create Medical Allowance. Follow the following steps in this Manner.   Formula ID    : ...

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Income tax formula in Peachtree accounting

income tax formula in peachtree

How to create Allowances and Income tax on formula Base in Peachtree follow the following steps. Go to the file Menu, the click on Payroll formulas then click on user maintained. for Income tax Creation Formula ID : I_Tax  (write in this format) Name            : ...

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Create Employee and Default info in Peachtree

How to create employee in peachtree

Create Employee and employee default information in peachtree Accounting software Create Employee Default information: for this purpose to Maintain Menu click on Default information > then click on Payroll setup wizard. Now click on Next > click on do it yourself option then next again click on do it yourself ...

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