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Car loan Calculator in Microsoft Excel

Car loan Calculator in excel

Car loan Calculator Car loan Calculator provide detail of each month for a future time period which is necessary for finance planning Interest calculation sheet includes serial number, Car financing head, Interest rate, No of installment, Loan Amount and monthly installment with interest.                 ...

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Payment receipt voucher in excel

Payment receipt voucher in excel

Payment voucher : Payment voucher is a document  sent by  customer to his supplier company includes complete detail of payments through cheque or any other mode of payment. this document is also a part of a transaction documents.                         ...

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How to Create Delivery Note in Excel

Delivery Note in MS. excel

Delivery Note This document has a great importance in Business transaction. Delivery note is a receipt of goods as an evidence by  supplier to customer. Supplier company will also send this document  as a receipt with the product to its customer usually two copy of delivery notes with the products. one ...

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How to create Job card in MS.Excel

Job card

Definition of Job card: Job Card is the complete summary of a business transaction. Job card or job order is the Main document of business transaction. this document include the complete details. which includes customer company name Invoice Number invoice date Amount Received by cash or  by  cheque Amount received ...

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Process of Business Transaction

Process of Business transaction

Definition of Business transaction: All those activities which includes profit motives (objectives ) is called a business transaction. there are two types of transactions. the one is cash base transaction while the other one is credit base transaction. cash base transactions includes only a document of sales receipt and credit ...

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Business Invoice and Purchase order in Ms.excel


Invoice is a request for Payment to your customer. invoice use is only in credit base transaction,while cash base transaction includes only sales receipts. companies send invoice to their customer before delivery or after delivery to inform him to prepare for the payments. payment may be on more than one ...

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How to create Business Quotation in Excel


Business Quotation: An important documents offer by supplier to its customer for the  selling of  goods or services on a define price. on Customer request a quotation is prepared with complete detail. Quotation include Payment, delivery and many other terms. Price of Products in your quotation has a great importance, ...

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Excel students Result sheet or result card

Excel students Result sheet or result card In this Lecture I am to teach you about “students Result sheet“. This sheet includes Total marks, Obtained Marks, Percentage and Grade of each student. It means that in this lecture you will learn Sum formula, Percentage and Grade formula. 1st of all ...

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Excel salary Sheet and Formula

Excel salary sheet and formula

Excel Salary Sheet and formula Excel salary statement includes employees basic pay,house Rent, Medical allowance, Convince Allowances, Income Tax and some other allowances. this Method i have applied in this salary statement is very basic and comprehensive. Excel gives us the flexibility to configure data for different objectives like “SUM”, ...

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