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Process of Cash sales in Quick books

process of cash sales in Quick books Accounting software

Cash sales is  absolutely different from  credit sales process. cash sales includes only  sales Receipts in which the customer will make the payments at the time of purchase so there is no need of quotation ,sales order and sales invoice. usually cash sales is a dealing  between Retailer and the ...

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Loan Manager in Quick Books Accounting software

Loan manager In Quick books

Loan Manager  is a very important  in Quick books Accounting software. This  Loan manager provide a complete schedule of Loan Amortization. if Your company have a plane to take loan for the company Purposes , then this schedule provide a descriptive information that will guide company planner. Suppose we have ...

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Construction company process in Quick Books

construction company Process

Accounting process of construction company in Quick Books software is very simple and any can easily learn. we will create new company in the same way as distribution company and manufacturing company you select your industry,select General Construction or general contractor. Create inventory items from the top list menu ...

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Manufacturing Process of Accounting In Quick books

Manufacturing company Process of accouting in Quick Books

Accounting process for  manufacturing company in Quick books Create New company, in Select Industry click on Manufacturing option. further fill all the option as in distribution company.for Inventory items go to the list Menu on the top of dashboard and click on items list window open, from the right ...

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Sales and Purchase Process in Quick Books

sales and purchase Accounts in quick books

sales purchase process in quickbooks How to Make Purchase in Quick books For the Purchase Process in Quick Books Go to the  Vendor Menu ,click on New Transaction option, click on  create Purchase Order. select  the supplier, Items,Quantities. after purchase order creation. in the same Menu and click on Receive Items ...

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How to create customer,Supplier,Items in Quickbook

How to Create Customer Vendor and Inventory items in Quick Books

How to create Customer  in Quick Books Accounting software . in the Top Upper Menu click on New Customer and Job ,  provide all information as i provided in the video. How to create new vendors in Quick books  click on vendors then new vendors and put all information as i ...

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How to create Company in Quick books

How to Create Company in Quick Books

Quick books is a very Advance software for Accounting and Finance. Its uses is all over the world. Any one  who get  skill in Quick book will never be w jobless because a skillful person require every where. In this  1st Lecture i am going to teach you how to ...

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