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Bank Reconciliation and Budget in Peachtree

How to create Bank Reconciliation in Peachtree Accounting software.

every company Making bank reconciliation at the end of each month or in start of next month.

the process of Bank reconciliation in Peachtree we will define its objective.

at the start of each month bank will provide a statement of your Account,

which includes complete summary of your transaction (your payments and receipts )

bank reconciliation in peachtree

Company also have complete detail (ledger) of all Receipts and Payments.

on receiving of  statement from Bank, the account or finance department person will reconcile  their own  ledger of receipts and payments with the bank statement.

there should be some cheque that will be not available in bank statement.

it is because that the cheque may not be clear  and will be included in the next month bank statement or some  of the cheque  may be bounce and cancelled by the bank due to some reasons.then the company will make inquiry for all the cheque which are not available in bank statement.

Now how to make Reconciliation in Peachtree follow the following steps.

Go to Task menu and click on Account reconciliation,Now select the Bank account for reconciliation from the Account to reconcile option.

then make tick marks ( √   )  to the boxes for both  cheques of receipts and payment  which are available in bank statement.

if the unreconciled Difference amount is in negative,

put this amount in statement ending balance with positive sign to become zero the difference .

but if the unreconciled difference amount is in Positive  then put this amount  in the statement ending balance with negative sign also to make this zero. check the reconciliation statement from the report menu. watch the video

How to create “Budget” in Peachtree Accounting software. how to prepare the budget.this are the work of the high level planner of the organization.here we only need how to make posting of budgeted figures in peachtree accounting software.please follow these steps.

Go to Maintain Menu and click on Budget give  Budget name , account filter type  select all account then put the data against different accounts suppose, how much will be our next year sale.put the date or figure against the sales account.then make it save.

Go to the report menu and check various reports. in the next year when actual data created , all the reports will show  actual data and budgeted data. watch the video.









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