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Business Invoice and Purchase order in Ms.excel

Invoice is a request for Payment to your customer.

invoice use is only in credit base transaction,while cash base transaction includes only sales receipts.

companies send invoice to their customer before delivery or after delivery to inform him to prepare for the payments.

payment may be on more than one installment.

this all had already be define in quotation and there should be an understanding between customer and supplier.

Invoice includes Bill to and Ship to Address.

bill to Means that the Bill will go to the Management office and ship to means the product will be deliver to the warehouse .

Business Invoice

invoice document includes supplier company name, Bank name and Account Number and Payments terms and condition.

Purchase Order

Purchase order is the Main document of Business transaction which is sent to the supplier for the purchasing of items or services.

when customer company accept Quotation.

In response of quotation customer  will send purchase order to the supplier .

on receiving of purchase order, the transaction will be confirm and the customer cannot reject the transaction.

purchase order includes item Names and Quantities to order.

this document are used when the purchase of items is on credit base.

Purchase order includes your company logo your company address

supplier company Name Attention person Serial Number Item Name.

Quantity Description Unit Price and Total.

in the End there should be Total of Unit prices and Total Amount.

Below the purchase order an Authorize signatory Name and signature is Necessary.

A good documents format will show the grace of your company.

if your company documents is in a good format.

it will automatically impress your customer company in response the company business will be boost up.

As upplier company  receive  a purchase order, they will send Invoice to customer for the request of payment .

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