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How to create Business Quotation in Excel

Business Quotation:

An important documents offer by supplier to its customer for the  selling of  goods or services on a define price.

on Customer request a quotation is prepared with complete detail.

Quotation include Payment, delivery and many other terms.

Price of Products in your quotation has a great importance,

Terms and condition must be consider according to the need and customers response.

Quotation is also depend on the product needs.

Famous product famous reputation of product will engage more customer.

Also the Quotation terms and condition will be strong.

if it is not the case,then there must be flexibility in terms and condition.

on the top of the quotation your company logo is necessary.

Quotation format show the grace of your company and products images should also be included in quotation.

If customer needs more than one product then  provide all item pictures images and complete description

Quotation is the first document of business transaction.when your company send quotation to customer company.

It totally depend on customer to accept or reject the quotation.



This Quotation includes Customer company name, Attention Person,Date,

Ref Item Number item Name Description of Item Unit Price which is based on Quantity Items Quantity,

Business Quotation generally includes 9 terms and condition.

Terms and condition:

1: This Quotation is based on standard price subject to changes according to your artwork and any additional services.

2: This Quotation is valid for 30 days.

3: Delivery will be with in 10 to 15 days subject to custom and clearance.

4: Increase/changes in freight rate during shipment will be from buyer’s A/c.

5: Any Fault/damage must  be reported with in 5 working days.

6: Payments Terms 50% before,50% on delivery.

7: This quotation will be only for your order.

8: Order will be confirmed by PO/LPO.

9: Order will be subject to the availability of stock during order confirmation.


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