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create Capital-Bank and Customer Accounts in Tally

To create Capital Bank  Customer  and sales Accounts in Tally follow the follow the following steps and also watch the video.

Click on “Accounts Info“. in Peachtree Accounting software we are using “Maintain” instead of Accounts Info.

then click on “Ledger” then click on create.1st we will create Bank Account.

so write there Bank  Name , for example HBL Bank Account. in the “Under” option select “Bank” from the list of the accounts Ledger.Address of your Company Bank. Also put the Beginning Balance in the end.

Create bank capital customer in tally

Now we will repeat this process for Capital Account Creation. Again click on “Accounts info” > “Ledger” and then “create”.

Now write “Capital Account“. in the Under Option select Capital Account from the Accounts Ledger.

in the end of this Ledger give beginning balance the same Amount as for the Bank Account.

Same process will be repeated for customer Account Creation.

go to Accounts info and click on Ledger and create customer Account.form example Raees and co, in the Under option select Sundry Debtors (Accounts Receivable) from the Accounts Ledger .

provide all other information for this customer in the side bar.

the enter  to save. tally totally operated through a keyboard.

similarly you can create more than one customer in the same way.

for all customer create one sales account. from the Accounts info >Ledger  and create write sales A/c , in the under option select sale from the list of Accounts Ledger. and make it save.

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