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How to create Company in Peachtree Accounting

In this video tutorials you will learn how to create Company in Peachtree Accounting software.first of all you should install The software after installation click on “create new company” or in the upper top Menu click on “file” then click on new company. give your Company Name like shahzeeb and co. fill all the option one by one.

How to create Company in Peachtree Accounting softwarer

“choose Peachtree  Product” select option “Peachtree Accounting for Distribution company”.

Next Give company Name, company Address in line 1 and line 2.

How to write the address ?

Example : Suite # 14, street # 7  1-9 Islamabad.

“state” Means Province while Zip code Means Postal Code like 1231.

In “Business Type”, select the type of your company. Corporation ,  senior corporation , LLC (LIMITED LIABILITIES COMPANY), Partnership or sole proprietorship. In the business type option give the type of your company,if your company is register as LLC, then select LLC, If any other type select that one,

Federal Employer ID Means your company Registration Number. click on next

“Select a Method to create your company” select option one. click on Next.

there are Two option

1 Accrual 

2 Cash

Accrual Means, when your company Business is on credit base.Cash base means when your company business is only on cash base.you should select the first option.because almost all the companies business is on credit base. click on Next.

1 Real time

2 Batch 

Real time Means when you pass a transaction, it will be automatically posted to the reports while Batch Means when you make a number of transaction, then you will pass them Manually on weekly or monthly base.

Choose Accounting Period for your Company

Option 1     12 Accounting Period Means that Peachtree will generate reports (financial statements and other reports) for each Month.

Option 2    select the accounting period that dont Match your calender’s period.

you should follow the step 2. give one Accounting period (Means your company reports will be  for 12 months).

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