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How to create customer in Peachtree Accounting

In this video Tutorial you will learn how to create customer in Peachtree Accounting software. for customer Creation Go to maintain Menu which is located on the top menu of peachtree dashboard.click on customer prospect. in both customer ID   and description write customer company name like exon and co.in the Account Number,write your customer company Bank Account Number. Mailing Address is the address where your customer company located. who to write the address watch the video

Customer in Peachtree accounting software

Customize field is not necessary. provide customer company contact numbers.

After completion of General option of customer Prospect. click on Contacts option.in Title write Mr or Miss then write first Name,MI stand for Middle initial then last name of customer company attention person like Purchase Manager of customer company  is Mr. Atiq ur rehman.

in Title write the attention person Designation. below this write the contact numbers of attention person.in the address option write   shipping  address. this address means  the warehouse address of your customer company.if both are same, then simply click on copy option.there is no need to add in the history  and sales info option.Important one is the Payments and credit option. in this one click on customize terms for this customer. for example finance  Terms is 2/10 Net 30. it Mean that the customer will make the payments in 30 days.but if he make in 10 days, we will give him 2% discount. COD stand for cash on delivery. watch the video for  completely commond  on peachtree

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