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How to Create Delivery Note in Excel

Delivery Note

This document has a great importance in Business transaction.

Delivery note is a receipt of goods as an evidence by  supplier to customer.

Supplier company will also send this document  as a receipt with the product to its customer

usually two copy of delivery notes with the products.

one will be receive by the customer  and  on another one ,

customer will make a receiving signature and will send it back to the supplier  to show

that items has been received as per mention items and quantity.

This document includes two address “Bill to Address” and

“ship to address” this means that bill (delivery note )

will be sent to the management office and shipment will  go to the warehouse.

















Here in this video tutorial you can watch how to create delivery note in MS. Excel.

This document is the confirmation that the order has been successfully delivered.

This document by signed by a an authorized person of customer company.

If the quantity and items mention in delivery note is not matching with physically, then you can reject the delivery.

Below the heading of document  write the address of your company.

Item No : write the number of each item

PO No  : write the Purchase order Number here in this heading.

Qty Order : write the Quantity which is order by your customer.

Description : write Detail of each item .

Remark : write  order in the remark heading.





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