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How to create Inventory items in Peachtree

Inventory items can also be created from Maintain menu.click on Maintain then select Inventory items.

Now fill  all the option in this way.

Item ID :      write Item Name Like Samsung S-3

Description : same Name   >>>>   Samsung S-3

Item class    :  stock item

for service  select>>>> service

There is An option of  “set default” click on this another Menu will be open, in this menu select the last option of Price level.then create price level

for example Price level one ::: whole sale

price level  two :: Retail

you can also create more than two level if needed bu if you your company are following only one level then create only one level.

Quantity Discount :: you can create discount policy  for example if your customer purchase 20 items,you will give 2% discount

if your company purchase 40 items you will give 3% discount.

Last Unit cost :: it Mean that the purchase price of the product.

how ot create inventory for peachtree

UPC/SKU : UPC stand for Universal product code, on each product at the back there will be a universal product code.

UPC you have been seen  this image  picture  beneath the product,also there will be  some figure like 7878767656565656565. this is called UPC(universal product code)

Item Type  : for mobile business give items item mobile.

Part Number : for manufacture business give part number.

Location        : give the location of the items,if the item is in the display center or in warehouse, select that one.

Stocking U/M :  U/M stand for stocking unit measurement. for mobile write “pieces”.

GL Sale Acc     : 4000 (sale Income )

GL Inventory Acc :: 1200 (inventory)

GL Cost of Sale    : 5000 (cost of sale)

Minimum stock  : you can give just a criteria for minimum stock you want to give.

Re-order Point    :that point at which you want to give re order for the said items. it is just a criteria you want to follow.

in the last right bottom corner there is an option of  ” beginning Balance”.click on this option a new window will be open. the give beginning quantity if you already have.

watch the video for this lacture.






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