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How to create sales Tax in Peachtree Accounting

For sales tax creation click on  “maintain” menu there is an option of sales tax, click on this one. select option “setup a new sales taxes” then click on next option.

what is the  total rate that you will charge ? : give that sales taxes rate which is followed in your country.suppose in Pakistan there are different sales taxes.for Production the sales taxes is 17% while on distribution it is different. but for practice you can write any percent.

How Many individual rate make this total rate ?: write one.because we are following only one sale taxes.then click on next.

Sales tax Agency ID : write FBR (Federal board of Revenue) or any  federal sales taxes collection agency.

sales tax Agency name : write the same name as in ID. Which is FBR.

sales tax in peachtree accounting software

Which vendor do you send the taxes you have collected for? from here you should create new your country sales tax agency  from the vendor list.from there, the accounts Payable should be “sales taxes Payable”.

Rate   : Again give the same rate

Select an account to track sales taxes :  select sales tax payable A/c

Sale tax ID       :  Sales tax

sale tax name :  sales Tax

you can  also watch the video  to completely commond on peachtree,the it is necessary that you must watch all the video one by one.but it is not enough just to watch the video, you must have installed peachtree software on your system to practice again and gain.if you don’t have a software.then i can  provide the software in free.but without practice it is impossible to fully commond on peachtree accounting software.I have attached video with every lacture.so you could read the writing material and watch the video at the same time you should do practice in parallel.

in peachtree register version you will be able to access which type of formula you wan to create.





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