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Create Supplier Account and Inventory Items in Tally

How to create Supplier Account in Tally:

In this Lecture, we are going to create Supplier (Vendors) , Purchase Account and Inventory Items.

For Supplier Account Go to Accounts Info and click on Ledger, then create supplier Account.

for example Lux and co supplier Account, in the Under option, select Sundry Creditors (Accounts Receivable) from the list of Accounts Ledger.

For All the suppliers There is a need of one Purchase Account.

click on Accounts Info, then Ledger and create Purchase Account, in the Under Option select Purchase Account from the Ledger list.

inventory items and supplier in Tally

How to Create Inventory Items in Tally:

For Inventory Items creation.it is necessary to create Unit of measure before Items creation.

click on Inventory info then click on Unit of Measure.

in Symbol write pcs while in Formal Name write pieces. in the same way you can create more Unit of Measurement.

for Inventory items creation click on Inventory info .1st we will create  stock Group .

for example your business are divided into different groups.

like one group will be Samsung another group will be Q-Mobile ( each group include different items).

for this purpose click on Stock Groups and create group one by one.

then click on Stock items and create one by one.

in the Name option write the item Name , in Group option select specific group for the item and in Unit  option select specific unit for the item.

if  beginning Inventory items available put it in the end by quantity and unit cost.

Tally software is very simple to operate.

In my opinion this software is the best one for distribution and general Merchant Business

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