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How to Create Supplier Account in Peachtree

In this video tutorial you will learn how to create supplier or vendor in Peachtree Accounting software.For this Purpose click  on “Maintain” Menu on the top of the Peachtree Dashboard, the click on Vendor (supplier ).


fill the supplier detail form in this way.

Vendor ID     : Becon and co

Name              :  Becon and co

Contact          : Mr.Moeed Ahmad (the attention person of your supplier company, to whom you make a contact like supplier company sale manager)

Mailing Address : suite # 7, street # 19  G-10 Markaz Islamabad. City > Islamabad, state (province) > capital Territory, Zip( Postal Code) >47000 or any one.

Country         : Pakistan

Vendor Type : Regular or Non Regular

1099 type : this option is not necessary

Expense A/c : Accounts Payable

phone            : 3943939

Create Supplier Account in Peachtree

Customize field is not necessary

Click on Address

Remit to Address : simply click on copy option

History: Quiet it as it is.

Purchase Info:::

Purchase Rep :your company purchase manager or any other person Name from your employee list,if it has been created.

Ship via : it Means through which mode your supplier will send the product  >> like hand delivery, cargo or any.

Form option :Documents receiving and sending with your supplier is on Email base or  Paper form Means hard copy,if it is via Email then provide the Email Address.

Credit Terms : select the customize terms option. the provide that credit terms which your supplier  giving to your company.like 2/10 net 30.

Credit Limits : who much of the product your supplier giving on credit bases,suppose Up to fifty thousand.

Watch the video.

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