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Excel students Result sheet or result card

Excel students Result sheet or result card

In this Lecture I am to teach you about “students Result sheet“.

This sheet includes Total marks, Obtained Marks,

Percentage and Grade of each student. It means that in this lecture you will learn Sum formula, Percentage and Grade formula.

Excel Students result sheet

1st of all in the Header of the sheet write S.No, Students Name, Students Roll No,

subjects Name one by one, obtain Marks, Total marks, Percentage and Grade.

In serial Number down write 1, then click from the right bottom corner with the control keyboard key.

write students name one by one and their roll numbers.

Under the subjects name headings write the obtain Marks of each student in front of his name.

after completion this, the go to  obtain Marks column and in the first row,write the sum formula.

for example =sum(d3:k3) and strike the enter key of keyboard.

Put the total Marks manually as it is.

Percentage formula is =Obtain Marks*100/Total marks (for example =L3*100/m3. suppose L3 is the obtain marks location, and m3 is the total Marks location.

Now how to create Grade Formula.

I just provide here an example =if(L3>=70,”A”,if(L3>=60,”B”,if(L3>=50, “C”,if(L3>=40,”D”)))). this is the example, you can also watch in the video. here L3 is the 1st percentage location.

after putting grade formula. Drag all the columns which includes formula and columns of total Marks.

At the End of the sheet in Serial Number column write Total and make the total of all the columns with sum formula excluding those columns which have formula.

Now select the sheet and from the top home menu click on border option, first select all Border, then Thick border for the top header and for the lower one.

for the Head you can also provide with different colors both font and back ground color. above the head,

write excel Result sheet as on.if you want to print it. click on file option and print preview and select the sheet area to print.


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