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How to create Job card in MS.Excel

Definition of Job card:

Job Card is the complete summary of a business transaction.

Job card or job order is the Main document of business transaction. this document include the complete details.

which includes customer company name Invoice Number invoice date Amount Received by cash or  by  cheque Amount received Remaining balance and total.

all these are repeating  for sales,purchase, printing or any other heading that depend on the type of product.

job-card in MS.excel

















Job order is a  necessary document for audit process both internal and external.

Auditor checks all the Job cards one by one and when find any doubt ,

he will request for the supporting document like invoice, purchase order, delivery note, quotation, receipt and payment voucher.

All the accounting software also includes “JOB Processing” ,on completion of one job for one transaction must be attach with sales order.

you can also see the double line border in this job order, which is created from the excel Home menu Border.

as you click on the border,

you will see an option of line style, click on this one and drag like a pencil  where ever you and how you want to create borders

You can also watch watch this video









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