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Manufacturing Process of Accounting In Quick books

Manufacturing Process of Accounting In Quick books

Accounting process for  manufacturing company in Quick books Create New company,

in Select Industry click on Manufacturing option. further fill all the option as in distribution company.

for Inventory items go to the list Menu on the top of dashboard and click on Items.

as items list window open, from the right bottom click on items and new.

for detail watch in the video.create all  raw materials one by one.the final item will be created as Inventory assembly.


Manufacturing Company Process In Quick books

here you should provide bill of Material , this Mean all items one by one and Quantity needed for one conference table or for one item to produce.

the total Bill of Materials Cost will be cost of the product and put this amount in the cost option. No on hand quantity provide for this final Goods.


Now on the dashboard click on Build Assembly.

select the final item, which is Conference table, Provide How much Quantity to Build. 

To sale this items, create customer, Make Estimate (Quotation), sales Order, and Invoice then receipts the payments from the customer.

so the sales process and purchase of items from the supplier is same as distribution company,

the only difference is the creation of Products as Manufacturing of new Items.

from raw Materials is different.all other process of Accounting is same to the distribution company


In this video tutorials you can also watch all the steps one by one and then practice on the installed software at your system.

it is necessary that there is a need of 2 to 3 time practice for each video tutorials and also read the written materials it will increase your grip on quick books software.

we have provided complete solution in this website ,Now it totally depend on your effort how much time are giving to get equip your self with the skill in accounting software.

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