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Manufacturing Company Process In Tally Accounting

Accounts of  Manufacturing company in Tally Accounting software:

For Manufacturing company 1st we will create new company .

Go to  company Info and click on create new company.write your company Name put the “statuary appliance” as none.

Write inventory with Accounts in maintain .never change Financial Year in Trial version. Base current Rs, Formal name Pakistani rupees.

symble for  decimal places as Paisa . then enter again and again to save the company. after this click on ESC button.

Manufacturing process of accounting in Tally

In Manufacturing we will create stock items as Materials.

for this go to Inventory Info and click on stock group like furniture.

Now we will create Unit of Measure for  raw materials and final good. click on Unit of Measure.

in samble provide like for pieces we usually pcs while the formal name will be pieces. now create raw materials one by one .

click on stock items and create items for example wood we will do the following steps. in name write Wood, in Under write  Furniture and in Units write Pcs .

Also provide Beginning Balance as Quantity, Last Unit Cost.

 similarly create all items in the same way and give Beginning Quantity for all raw materials, you can watch from the video .

for the final good there should be no Beginning Quantity .

After completion of crating raw materials .if you have raw Materials then you can make a production.

go to the Inventory voucher to create

new Products. like in peachtree we are using work ticket for Manufacturing. as you click on inventory voucher a work ticket will be open.

In source( consumption) give items provide all the items in Item Name then give quantity and last unit cost in the rate.

then go to the Destination (production ) side give the final item Name how much Quantity you want  to produce.

the important thing is to provide Rate (cost Rate) the total rate of source consumption side .

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