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Payment receipt voucher in excel

Payment voucher :

Payment voucher is a document  sent by  customer to his supplier company includes complete detail of payments through cheque or any other mode of payment.

this document is also a part of a transaction documents.





















Payment voucher includes

Payment Voucher No

Date of payment voucher

Date of Cheque.

Paid To : Supplier company Name

Cheque No

Drawn on : Bank Name, for example cheque made from MCB Bank.

Amount in Word and figure.

All invoices Numbers and amount one by one.

In the end there will,

Received by.


Approved by.

then Drag  line two time.

also provide your company address

you can also watch the below video how to create this document in MS.excel


Receipt Voucher :

This document is also an important document of a transaction process. when customer make a payments, in response, supplier company will send receipt voucher.

















A receipt voucher in includes complete detail of payment made by his customer.

This document includes Receipt Number.

Voucher Date.

Amount in word and figures.

purchase items one by one.

Mode of Payments in detail.

for example in cash, cheque or  credit card.

Cheque Number.

Cheque Date.

Bank Name.

Bank Branch.

you company address.

payment and receipts voucher are both very important documents of the transaction.

both this are necessary for audit and all other purposes. its  standard format  have great importance.


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