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create payroll and pay salary to employees in Tally

in this lecture you will learn how to create employees  and Payroll (Pay salary to employees ).

this lecture is very important and has been defined step by step. Select your company from “Company Info” and “select company” .

when you want to go back to your dashboard  strike your keyboard Esc Button .

Process of Payroll in Tally Accounting software

now we want to create employees go to  “Payroll Info” click on Pay Heads and create Basic Pay , House Rent, Medical Allowance Convenience Allowance and income tax.

For Basic Pay and all other Allowances Select “earning for Employees”

 in Pay Head Type and in Under option select Indirect Expenses .

For Income Tax  select Deduction from Employee in Pay Heads Type. 

in under option select Duties and Taxes.

 in Employee Groups create Different Deportment like Accounts Department,

Finance Department HR Department or any other department  while in Employees Create Employees one by one.

For employees Creation click on employee and create employees in the under option select the department .

in the General information provide complete detail of the employee.

Contact number and date of birth may create issue of not saving in trial version.if creating problems the don’t put them.

Now we will create How to make salary to employees

Go to the Payroll vouchers here you should select your company bank Account for the payment to employee .

In Particular a list of employees will open and select one by one.

here in detail 1st give  basic pay then allowances at the end provide income tax to deduct from the basic pay. in the end narration write Pay to Mr. any name.

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