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Peachtree Accounting for Manufacturing company

here you will learn how to create manufacturing process of accounts in Peachtree Accounting software.

1st we will create new company in peachtree.

for this purpose go to the file menu and click on “New company” .

in a “choose a peachtree Product” select “Peachtree premium Accounting for manufacturing”. All other option are same as in distribution company .

Accounting for Manufacturing in peachtree

Go to maintain to create Inventory items for Raw materials, click on Inventory items, then create items one by one.follow the following steps.

items ID    : Wood,winner, then create Thinner, PU Accleric, NC Sealer,screw

Description :wood, winner then create Thinner, PU Accleric, NC Sealer,screw

Item class    : stock items

for final item Creation. suppose we are creating  conference Table

Item ID       : Conference Table

Description : Conference Table

Item Class   : Assembly

In assembly Bill of Materials is Mandatory.

in bill of material select items one by one and put quantity which is require for one conference table.

Now at the bottom right corner there is an option of  “add beginning balances“.

We have created inventory items raw materials and final items as assembly,also we have created beginning  inventory items. Now we will create “work tickets” 

Go to work Ticket from the task Menu and click on work ticket.Select assembly to build items ( conference Table )

Put work ticket No, Quantity to Build ( how much quantity you want to build) Provide needed by date, Ticket started Dated (usually to date), estimated hours.

now put the actual Hours and Minutes. if the require quantity is less than available.

the reduce the quantity to build .it is necessary to read the writing materials and also watch both the videos one by one.

the check the result in the report  of the top Menu.

if the require Quantity showing in red color, this mean that the available quantity is less than require.

there are two option,one to purchase raw materials or to increase the beginning quantity of items .

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