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Peachtree for Construction company

Peachtree for Construction company.

1st we will create New company in  Peachtree Accounting software.

go to file Menu and click on new company.

peachtree for construction company

choose Peachtree Product. Select Peachtree Premium for construction.

All other steps must  fill similarly to distribution company.

construction company Items Creation go to the Maintain Menu and click on Maintain Inventory items, the create Inventory items one by one.

mainly uses items for inventory are bricks , sands, iron, cements , E-board, electric Cable , electric pipe etc.

divide the inventory items into different phases. like construction items , sanitation items,shuttering items, electric items.also create quantity on hand from “Beginning balances“.



Create Proposal and Job In Peachtree Construction Company

In construction company we will send Proposal to our customer. for proposal you must create customer from the maintain menu.

then go to the task menu to crate Proposal instead of Quotation,in Construction company proposal uses in alternative to quotes.

which is similar to Quotes. put all the items which is needed for construction and put  quantity required.

as your customer accept the proposal then we will create Job for this customer.for creation of job go to the Maintain menu and click on job.

there is an option of “for customer”, enter the same name of customer in the Job ID  and description. put the PO No.

Billing method should be Percent of Completion. Put the retain age 50%.fill all the other option. customize field is not necessary.

Billing method Percent of completion means when your company complete a specific percent, your customer will make the payments.

Retainage means.those percent that  will remain with  customer.



Now create Cost code and phases.

In cost code create items one by one while in phases create different phases like construction phase, electric phase.

no click on estimated expenses and revenue.

watch the video and put the figures accordingly.

in phases creation select the second option this phases use for cost code. in estimated expense and revenue fill this option Phases ID, Code ID, No Of Units, Expenses and Revenue. In expenses Multiply No of Units with the cost Price.

and In revenue ID Multiply sales price with No of Quantity.



here we will create sales order and attach Job with the sales order.on the bases of sale order we will create Invoices.

in construction invoice is based on percent of completion.

Go to the Task menu and click on Sales order ,select the customer from the customer ID.

put SO No.

select items as per proposal and put quantity as per proposal.

click on the job option against each items and quantity and select the same items. as it is completed then make it save.also create sales tax and then can be attached with the sales order.

but it must before attach with proposal.after this make receipts.


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