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Petty cash and expenses in Peachtree Accounting

Petty cash and expenses in Peachtree Accounting

For Petty Cash and petty expenses there must be different petty expense Accounts and at least one  petty cash Account.

before creating petty expense and petty cash account. we will define these

Petty expenses includes all those small expenses which are paying on  cash base.

for example tea expense, entertainment expense, fuel expense,utilities bill,Rent expense and all other small expenses which are paying from petty cash A/c.

In peachtree for this purpose cashier of the  company will have some specific small amount of money that is call petty cash.

the objective of petty cash is to make petty expenses from this petty cash on daily base.

Now how to create petty cash and petty expenses in peachtree, follow the following steps.

Go to Maintain and click on chart of Accounts to create petty expenses and petty cashs, you can also watch the video attached here with.

In Account ID   and description Write fuel expense, select the Account Type “Expense“, similarly create all other expenses and give the Account type as expense.

petty cash in peachtree

For Petty cash Account creation, in Account ID and description write peitty Cash then give the Account type “Cash”.

Account type is very important,if you give wrong Account type, that will completely give wrong result.

Now there must be some Amount in  cash with the cashier.

for Petty cash and expenses , we will make a fund transfer transaction from the task menu.

Go to task menu and click on “General Journal Entry”. the Entry will be.

Petties Cash  Debit  and the Bank Account from whom we want to transfer money into petty cash will be credited According to GAAP’s rule.

How to pass Petty expense entry in peachtree Accounting software. Go to task Menu and click on General Journal  Entry.

Stationary Expense  Debit and  Petty cash Account Credit.

we have transfer some fund to our petty cash Account,therefore  we can make the expenses from  petty cash Account.

Also watch the video




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