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Purchase order and Receive Inventory In Tally

Purchase order in Tally Accounting software

This process includes the purchasing  of items in tally Accounting software.

it is necessary that you must have supplier Account ,

purchase Account and Inventory items before purchase order creation.

because purchase order and receiving of items from supplier  is a purchase transaction of accounts

and also be shown in all financial statements profit and loss and balance sheet.

Tally Accounting software is develop on British accounting concept.

Purchase order and purchase receive inventory in Tally

For Purchase order  click on Inventory Voucher and from the right Side bar select Purchase order,

if  the purchase order is disable, in the right bottom corner click on Features,

you will see order Processing, Make  “YES” both Purchase order and sales order Processing.

then make inter again and again to save this changes.Now you will see  Purchase order from the right side Bar and click on, a purchase order  will be open.

here no new creation, just select supplier in Party A/c  Name, its complete detail,

Also provide Payments terms, terms of delivery,

dispatch through, destination and  select purchase A/c in the Purchase Ledger.

then select items and Quantity needed one by one then make it save.

Purchase order Number is Mandatory.

Now Click on  Accounting Voucher and again from the right side bar select “Purchase “.

A Purchase Means Purchase receive inventory.

In purchase you are receiving items from your supplier.

A s purchase Option open.

select the  supplier tho whom you send a purchase order.

after selecting your supplier a new ledge will open, from there select the exact order Number for this supplier,

otherwise the transaction will not be completed.

As you select the exact order Number, all the detail of the purchase order will open.

then make enter key of keyboard again and again to save it. select of order Number is Necessary in all options of purchase.

Purchase order and Receive inventory are the most important part of  Business transaction.


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