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Sale Process in peachtree Accounting software

Process of sale in Peachtree Accounting software is very simple.we are following the international standard role of accounting.

for this purpose click on Task and first of all click on Quotes (Quotation)

Fill the Quotes in Peachtree in the following way.

Customer ID   : Select your customer to whom you want to send the Quotes or quotation.

Quantity           : put the Quantity which your customer require.

Item                   : select the items one by one

U/M                   :also  select the unit measurement for each items,it may automatically be selected.

Unit Price and Amount: It will  come automatically  because you had describe or define all these in the inventory creation.

On the top right corner Put the Quote Number.


sales process in peachtree

in the bottom corner there is a search option, click on this one and select sales tax. then save the Quotes.

Now we will create sales order in the same way like a quotation. click on task then click on sales order. select your customer to whom you have sent  a Quotation. fill all the option similarly as in Quotation. then put the SO (sale order Number on the top right corner.

Now Again click on Task Menu.


select sales invoice, then select the customer to whom we have sent Quotes, as you select the customer that customer all the detail of quotes and sales order will be fill as you select  “apply to sales order“.Now only put Quantity in the Shipped option.

give  invoice Number.now click on save button. peachtree will give  a message the customer balance will go over the credit limit.it means that if the total invoice amount is more than amount of credit limit you have provided in customer creation.now it depend on company policy how to deal it.





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