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How to Create sales order and sales invoice in Tally

How to Make sales order and sales invoice in Tally Accounting software .

click on Inventory Voucher and select sales Order from the side bar then select your customer in Party A/c ‘s Name.

like raheem customer A/c.

it is necessary that all the customer and inventory items must be earlier created from the accounts info and inventory info.

also check sales order in red color on the top of this  form. in “sales Ledger” select sales Account.

Invoice and Sales order in Tally Accounting software

In “Name of Items”  select items one by one and Number of Quantities give narration at the end for the above items and click enter again and gain to make it save.

In tally simply sale is used instead of sales invoice so click on Accounting Voucher a list of different accounts will be open in the side bar.

if sales order and Sales disable then in the right corner of bottom click on feature you will see order processing both both sales order and purchase order must be YES.

Now we are processing sales click on Accounting voucher a list of ledger in the right side bar will be open and click on sales which is used instead of sales invoice.

like sales order provide Accounts party Name,

A new window will be open in which select the  sales order Number and sale ledger then as you enter the given sales order number automatically SO (Sales order Number ) detail will be created in Sales.

for each item provide the same order Number.

give Narration at the end  the Make enter key button of keyboard again and gain to make the sales (sales invoice) save. watch the video also.

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