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Sales and Purchase Process in Quick Books

sales purchase process in quickbooks

How to Make Purchase in Quick books

For the Purchase Process in Quick Books Go to the  Vendor Menu ,click on New Transaction option,

click on  create Purchase Order. select  the supplier, Items,Quantities. after purchase order creation.


sales and purchase of accounts in quick books
sales and purchase of accounts in quick book

in the same Menu and click on Receive Items and enter bill.

As you select the same vendor or supplier to whom a purchase order has been sent, you will see a message of one open purchase order available .

click on that message as Yes and select the Open purchase order as tick Mark.

you will see complete detail of purchase order will be open in this Purchase receive inventory.

here you simply make it save and close.

After receiving items from this supplier, now we want to Make  Payments to this supplier

in the same Menu of vendors click on Pay bill,

New Dashboard will open, you can see in the video one vendor (supplier ) is available, to whom we should make payment.

then click on done Option.


How to Make sales of Product in Quick books

from the top Menu of Customer select Estimate, select the customer, items, Quantity Unit Sales Price for the items.

Also at the end you can give sales Tax. make it save.

Now from the same Menu of Customer click on sales Order fill all the option similar to the estimates (Quotation) and then save it.

Now again from customer Menu click on invoice,

a new message box will open, one customer estimate and sales order available.

in this message box, select the second option and click on OK.

New one open sales order dialog box will open, provide tick Mark.

again new dialog box click on the fist option. then save it.if the customer Balance go over the credit limit,you can make it OK.

To receive Payment from this customer from the customer menu click on receive Payments and select the customer, select the customer and save it.

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