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 Data Analysis in Microsoft Excel

This features of excel allow you data analysis for different purposes.

1 sort:

you  can sort data on one or multiple columns in excel  sheet.

also you can sort  data in ascending or descending order.

this feature makes easy your data analysis













2 Filter:

Apply this function if you need specific data or certain criteria in excel sheet.


3.Conditional formatting

in excel   conditional formatting enable you to highlights cells with a  certain colors depending on  cell value.



function of excel can  be used, when you need a data to be shown in  a chart.

showing data in a different chart can make your data analysis easy.


there are different formats of chart you can apply on your data.


5.Pivot Table

use to analyze, summarize excel data in a Table  format ,

which enable you to easily  see all the data at a glance.


6 Table

Facilitate your to analyze your excel sheet data  quickly and easily.

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